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Whether you're a music studio owner, an educator who teaches lessons on the side, or someone considering a career shift, we cover how you can change lives through the power of this authentic musical play experience, with unmatched support and profit possibilities.

  • Our philosophies and mission

  • How to turn your passion into profit

  • Why our Educators love Kindermusik and each other

  • What business and marketing resources we offer

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What music educators are saying about Kindermusik...

"Teaching Kindermusik has literally changed my life."

Jared Trudel, Kindermusik Accredited Educator

"Kindermusik has a lot of whole-child development methods and philosophies like using music to create rituals and routines...the same things I [teach families how to do] in the studio are the things I do with my own children."

"Kindermusik is about [more than music]."

Shay Ryan, Kindermusik Accredited Educator

"It has to do with storytime, and tying your shoe, and community, and making eye contact, and hearing new sounds, and creativity, and joy, and expression...it really is the best start."

"If you're someone who truly wants to help [children and families], you would be doing a disservice to yourself if you don't get the best information, and that's what Kindermusik is."

Selena Serrano, Kindermusik Accredited Educator

"You're going to get information on and training on childhood development...on parenting tips and how to help [them]...and how to reach children at the appropriate developmental stage..."

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