What We Offer

  • Self-Paced Learning

    Whether you're a teacher, administrator, parent, or all three...life is busy. Our on-demand workshops and courses allow you to start, stop, repeat, and absorb content as it's convenient for you.

  • Research-Based Strategies

    Since 1978, Kindermusik's research-based practices have used the power and joy of music and movement to help educators foster—and little ones maximize—whole-child development.

  • Actionable Takeaways

    What's the point of training without improvement? When you complete a Kindermusik course or workshop, you'll receive practical, action-oriented strategies you can put in place immediately.


Our one-hour workshops are designed to ramp up your early childhood knowledge, and transform trusted research into practical methods of learning.

Music Rituals

Rhythm, Routines, & Relaxation for Home and Classroom

Learn how to create calm and ease transitions through music-based rituals and activities in your home or (virtual or in-person) classroom!
Music rituals, like tapping out post-recess energy with rhythm sticks, can help ease classroom transitions.

What You'll Receive...

A one-hour, on-demand session hosted by a seasoned Kindermusik professional that includes:

  • Methods to infuse music-based activities throughout the day to support routines and transitions

  • Ways to identify children’s individual needs and pair them with appropriate activities

  • Printable resources to help you implement actionable takeaways

  • A certificate of completion

Sit Still and Learn?! There’s a Better Way

How to use movement-based learning in your teaching environment.

Children LOVE to move! Learn how to use movement-based learning to improve teaching strategies, boost energy, and strengthen early development.
Movement-based learning (like circle dances!) can boost early milestones and take development to the next level.

What You'll Receive...

A one-hour, on-demand session hosted by a seasoned Kindermusik professional that includes:

  • Insight into how music and movement work together to support physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and language development

  • Ways to transform repetitive parts of the day into heightened learning opportunities with movement-based activities

  • Printable resources to help you implement actionable takeaways

  • A certificate of completion


Our self-paced courses include up to 10 hours of in-depth training on teaching music and movement for specific age groups, and are prerequisites for Kindermusik Accreditation.

Please note that while Level 3 (Age 3/PreK) is the only current age level training available, other courses are coming soon!

Level 3

Teaching Music for Age 3/Early Pre-K (Accreditation Prerequisite)

Our self-guided Level 3 course takes a look at this specific developmental level, how to best boost and support learning, and how to apply research-based Kindermusik philosophies and lesson components within the classroom, during home visits, or wherever you teach.

What You'll Receive..

A multi-hour, age-specific course hosted by seasoned Kindermusik Accredited Educators that examines Kindermusik philosophies, developmental opportunities, and teaching tips and tricks.

  • An in-depth look at Kindermusik curriculum and teaching philosophies

  • A deep dive into 3-4-year-old developmental opportunities and how to use age-appropriate read-aloud, instrument play, song, and dance to boost musical learning

  • Bonus limited-time access to a Level 3 Kindermusik Curriculum Unit

  • A certificate of completion

  • An option to apply for our Kindermusik Accreditation Exam (the first step in formally offering our Level 3 content)

Want to master PreK music boosts?


Everything you wanted to know about Kindermusik University Training...

  • What's the difference between a course and a workshop?

    A Kindermusik workshop provides a 1-hour professional development training on a very specific topic related to early childhood development and music. A Kindermusik course provides approximately 8-10 hours of professional development training on teaching music and movement for specific age groups. Each course starts with our company's philosophies, unlocks (for a limited time) one complete age level of our curriculum, and shows you how age-appropriate read-aloud, instrument play, song, and dance can boost musical learning.

  • What am I certified to do after I complete workshops or courses?

    Both options provide a digital certificate of completion. Kindermusik also offers various resources and materials to help you fully utilize skills learned during training, and infuse music-based learning with the children you serve. Note that you are not certified to "teach Kindermusik" upon receiving your certificate, but the certificate of completion is the first step in becoming a Kindermusik Accredited Educator.

  • Do trainings include continuing education credits?

    Not at this time. However, please note that many administrators and team leaders will accept certificates of completion for professional development hours, and every workshop and course includes one!

  • How do I become a Kindermusik Accredited Educator for my studio?

    All Kindermusik Accredited Educators must complete at least one level course (like our Level 3 Standard or Premium Course) first before applying to take our Accreditation Exam. Once you complete a course level, you will be prompted with information on how to apply. In addition to written questions, the application includes a video submission as part of our vocal review process. If accepted, you will take the exam, which is one full lesson filmed in its entirety in the level for which you have applied.

  • Do I have to be Kindermusik Accredited to bring Kindermusik curricula to my classroom or learning environment?

    No. You do not have to be Kindermusik Accredited or even a music teacher to offer Kindermusik to the children you serve. Kindermusik offers a Hosted/Audio-Led curricula to assist non-music teachers (or music teachers in schools who need supporting curricula) in providing rich, researched-based music education effectively. It's a perfect solution for those working in schools, childcares, and early intervention or learning centers. Please reach out to our support team via ku@kindermusik.com or 800.628.5687 (Option 3) for more information.

  • Is this training just for teachers? What about home visitors or parents?

    While our level courses are geared toward early music education teachers, our workshops are open to ANYONE who regularly cares for children, instructs them, or works in an early childhood industry.

  • Can I purchase training for someone else?

    Currently, only one training seat can be purchased at a time, and the email used for purchasing that seat will be the one required to log in to your course or workshop. However, if you would like to purchase multiple seats for your group or organization (discounts on group pricing available!), please email us at support@kindermusik.com or call us at 800.628.5687 (Option 3).

  • Do you offer group training?

    Yes! If you would like to purchase multiple seats for your group or organization (discounts on group pricing available!), please email us at support@kindermusik.com or call us at 800.628.5687 (Option 3).

What Trainees Are Saying...

Designed for all learning types...

School Administrator, Tallwood School, Kellyville, NSW, AUS

"Our staff have been really impressed with the program and we have felt it was easily adaptable to our special education setting."

Cutting edge research and best practices...

Gina Terry, Kindermusik Accredited Educator, Statesville, NC

“Kindermusik International stays ahead of the curve, includes cutting edge research related to early childhood education, and capitalizes on the developments in technology that impact our work as educators and business owners."

Perfect for classroom educators...

Pre-K Teacher, Anne Sullivan Preschool, Lake Elsinore, CA

“The [training] was so interactive that I actually was able to pay attention to the entire lesson and took away some awesome tools that I plan to use.”

Ideal for multi-age music instructors...

Joanie Catron, Kindermusik Accredited Educator, Rydal, GA

"[Kindermusik University] changed the way I teach music to Kindergarten and 1st grade!"

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